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January 6, 2004.

Plans are now underway to establish the Cayo Interclub Youth League. The intention of the organizers is that through this initiative, children and youth of the Cayo District will become more involved in football. One of the main things we lack here in Belize is a league or tournament to keep the youth active. Because of this the development of our youth is slowed down considerable.

It is hoped that several teams of the Cayo District will adopt a club system and will field teams in several age categories for this league. This again will improve the level of football in Belize as clubs can introduce a system of play which they can then develop over time. Through this approach, players will be able to mature quicker as they will be in a competitive environment from an early age.

Even though this will be the first year that such a league will be in existence, we hope that it will be a success.