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First Pictures
Orange Walk
Guatemala 2002
Belmopan Day
Belmopan In S.I.
Guatemala 2003

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Enjoying first victory vs
Santa Familia
These are some of the
original players

Orange Walk Game

Pre-game warm up Pre-game warm up Pre-game warm up
Our Roster for the Orange Walk Game This is the orange walk team roster  

Team Training

U17 Work Out U17 Work Out U17 Work Out
Nadir and Victor U13 Work Out U13 Work Out
Abimael completing drill    


Roster for Communicaciones Game Benque Academy U12 Benque Academy U17
St. Andrews Marching Band FIFA Fair Play Communicaciones U12
Communicaciones U14 Communicaciones U17 St. Andrews Marching Band
Pre-Game Ceremony Adventures F.C. Pride Trophies (Wold Aids Day)

Belmopan Day

Belmopan U16 Team Benque U16 Team Adventures F.C. U16 Team
United VilleU16 Team Receiving Gift for Second Place Finish  

Belmopan In S.I.

Austin Armstrong with the ball Elvin Guzman gets ready to throw in Fair Play - hand shake after game
Adventures F.C. U12 Roster Belmopan U13 Roster  

Guatemala 2003

U13 Roster for Guatemala trip U13 Roster for Guatemala trip U13 Section of the Bus
U17 Section of the bus Adventures F.C. players at stadium Players enjoying games  
A view from the top bleachers Guatemalan Beauty Glimpse of Guatemala poor area
Adventures F.C. on the attack Olympia of Honduras is saved U17 Roster
U17 Roster Guatemala's U13 Team A well deserved break
Getting ready to play Barcelona of
El Salvador

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