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In a few years, the Cayo District will have the best players in all of Belize. This is thanks to the effort of many individuals who are investing time, money and effort with the children and youth of the district. To name a few, Paul Morgan in Belmopan, Club Real San Ignacio, Adventures Football Club and Rene Montero's football academy in Benque.

Raul Gamez and Cruz Gamez (Technical director and President, respectively, of Adventures Football Club) have been recently appointed to act as Secretary and Treasurer of the Cayo Football Association respectively. Their incorporation brings new strength and ideas to the association.

The past has proven to us over and over again that the only way forward for Belize when it comes to football is to work with the youth. Here is where we have the upper hand because as coaches we can systematically transform them into "professional" individuals. We can instill pride in wearing a jersey especially that of our country. We can teach them with greater discipline and they are always eager to learn. Compare this with the older players who have no discipline and think that they know more than the coaches. I would estimate that only about 30% of players, and this occurs in all or almost all, of the semi-pro teams in Belize show up for practice. How then can we progess this way?

Now that we can play a more active role in the decisions of the Cayo Association, we will push for greater emphasis and resources for our youth. With so many groups now working with children and youth in our district in a few years Belize will be the country to be watched in Central America, the Caribbean and perhaps the greater CONCACAF.