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Football or if you prefer soccer is the world's most popular sport. It is amazing to observe how children from an early age, regardless of sex, become fascinated by this "beautiful" game. This fascination develops into a passion as the children grow older. Football attracts millions each year in even the most remote regions of the globe. Belize is no exception.

Adventures Football Club has been committed towards the development of football in Belize ephasizing in youth programs. Our club has maintained a constant growth since our humble start in July of 2000 with only a few players. Our players are on a daily basis gaining valueable experience which eventually will be of great benefit to Belize. Hopefully one day these youth will give Belize the qualification to the FIFA World Cup!

In the meantime, you may browse our site and learn more about our club and what Belize soccer has to offer. We are sure you will find much things of interest. LET OUR ADVENTURES BE YOURS.

Adventures Football Club

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